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Cedric Scheibel

Pianist & Electronic Live Act 

Some impressions

My piano album "Klangfantasien"


I took my first musical steps on the piano at the age of 10. Soon I deveploped my own individual style of playing focusing more on composition and improvisation than the replication of sheet music. This unique style of playing lead to my first appearances in cafes and hotel bars and finally also to the recording of my first piano album "Klangfantasien" in 2019. 
Meanwhile, regular appearances for renowned clients such as Bosch, Porsche, Breuninger, Marc Cain and many more complement my musical career and I can proudly look back to over 1000 performances. 


Some more impressions

In my electronic live sets I am 

combining the seemingly disparate worlds of melodic and emotional piano music with progressive electronic elements, fusing improvised piano elements with groovy percussions and warm lead and base sounds.

Since the first time I played this live set I played at beautiful German and European festivals and clubs in the last years and got the chance to release my music on renowned labels like AKUMANDRA, down.rec, Amselcom and many more. 

Electronic Live Act

Recent Releases

PRESS KIT 23.png

In 2021 I was invited to this beautiful venue in Portugal. The whole set was filmed and recorded. Here a little snippet with my track "In un´altra vita": 


Cedric Scheibel is an aspiring (electronic) live act in the downtempo scene.
Already at a young age he developed an individual playing style on the piano,
which was characterized by improvised elements and a creative way of playing.
He eventually found his way to electronic music and played his first gigs in
southern Germany. Gigs in renowned German and European
clubs soon followed, so did first electronic releases,
as well as the release of his debut piano album "Klangfantasien”.
During the enforced deceleration of the Corona pandemic, he discovered his
love for downtempo and started a live set project that combines the seemingly
disparate worlds of classical piano music with progressive electronic elements.
In the process, improvised piano parts meet nasty Moog baselines and merge
into a uniquely exciting sonic experience.
Gigs in prestigious clubs like Kitkat in Berlin, Bahnwärter Thiel in Munich,
Kapitel in Bern or Tanzhaus West in Frankfurt are no surprise and releases on
labels like Akumandra or Down Rec. underline his artistic work.





0049 1522 938 888 35

Wilhelmstraße, 63065 Offenbach, Germany 

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